Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Chapel in the Forest

Book Cover
Copyright 2001 by Florence Mulhern All Rights reserved

Forence Mulhern has donated her time and effort to write the history of the Chapel. This book will be provided to all of those who graciously donated to the restoration of the Chapel. For those who would like additional copies or did not have an opportunity to donate towards the restoration, copies will be available at various community events or from the Chapel committee for a donation to the Chapel.

"Completed in 1935, the Epping Forest Chapel has been for nearly half a century a focal point of this small forested community and a center of its spirit and religious devotion. It is a monument to its builder, Harry Spencer who struggled against great odds and doubts to build it. Restored in 1999-2000, it is also a tribute to the donors and volunteers who have given it a new life for the twenty-first century." "Here is the story of t he Epping Forest Chapel, its good times and bad, from the dream of one man to the pride of an entire community for generations to come."

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