Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chapel History From the Epping Forest News, March 1958 and updated in 2000:

In the summer of 1950 ground was donated by Mr. H. H. Spencer for a site for a on-denominational church. A request was made for contributions and for volunteer help when construction was to begin. Work was started on November 6, 1950 with the felling of sixteen trees, the trees themselves paying the operator for the work. Grading was begun on November 24 and the following August 19th the cornerstone was laid. Mr. Spencer, at that time in his 80's, almost single handedly built this monument, with assistance on weekends from Mr. Angle and Mr. Irwin.

When funds became low, Mr. Cohill chanced off two turkeys and realized $213.25; Mary Spencer, Jean Rhodes, Ave Harrison and Peg Cohill held a Rummage Sale which resulted in a total collection of $82.60. Mr. Crampton contributed the hardware; Mrs. Simmons gave a large Bible; Miss Price donated two lots which were raffled off.

On July 12, 1953, the first service was held with about 50 people in attendance. Through the efforts of Doris Knackstedt, an electric organ was obtained and Mr. Nickerson and Charlie Fitzgerald graded and seeded the Chapel lawn. Mr. Goodman installed the oak slab walk which has since been replaced. The first wedding was on July 3, 1954 when Lois Thomas was married.

In 1954, the building was still very rough and unfinished inside, and the outside was drab - without paint or shrubbery. Since that time, electric ceiling lights have been installed, interior painted, floor carpeted, outside finished with stucco and concrete steps and walk added. The inside trim, including screens for the windows have been completed, the work having been done by Williams Bros., Inc., the contractor who erected the new addition to the Clubhouse, and the plastering of the inside walls by Mr. Howard D. Zook of Epping Forest, all of which have immeasurably improved the appearance of the Chapel. At that time, the Chapel Committee's next goal was to secure pews to replace the temporary benches that were in use since the Chapel opened. Pews were obtained and are still in use today.

In the summer of 1999, the Chapel asked the community for donations to make improvements to the Chapel. In April of 2000, the Chapel was rededicated after improvements were made to the interior and exterior of the building. Because of the kind generosity of many Foresters, the dry wall ceiling was replaced with a cedar one, air conditioning was installed, and both the interior and exterior walls were refurbished and repainted. An outside light was installed and a Chapel sign was erected. The community should be indeed be proud of its Chapel, its zealous and hardworking Chapel Committee, and finally the fellow Foresters who have given so generously of their time and money to the successful completion of this spiritual monument.

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