Sunday, July 26, 2009

God Meets Our Every Need

We live in the best of times and the worst of times, as the bard would say. We live in a time when the Word of God has spread throughout the earth. A time when the Holy Spirit lives within us and brings us closer to God. A time when God provides our every need.

For millions, these are the worst of times. Millions have lost their job and for many – who they are. They thought that what they did was who they are and now when they lost it, they are the lost. They feel terrible pain. They feel whipped by conditions beyond their control. Their lives are a tangled mess. Many who feel the pain, turn to God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They return to God. Others will continue to feel the pain and for some, it will get even worse.
God provides for our every need, even when we don’t understand that it is what we need. Maybe the loss of our job or our home is just what we need.

The bible is full of stories where the oil in the lamps that normally would burn out – continued to burn, or the story of the fish and loaves of bread that fed the multitudes. God meets our every need.

Sometimes we don’t see both sides of an issue until we go through it. Last Sunday, Sherry and I met with healers in Columbia and Baltimore. We saw a movie called the "Living Matrix" which was about all the research going on with non-medical healing works. In the movie, a woman had a cancerous tumor. Some of us have had tumors too. After the fear, the woman began to embrace the fear, the illness and as she surrendered to the treatment, the tumor disappeared. Her life had changed with this tumor. She realized what was important in life. She even thanked the tumor for helping her turn her life around to a much richer life. God works in strange ways. He supplies our every need.

This past week, one of my teachers made her transition. She was diagnosed with cancer in May. It was so aggressive that she only had months and days before she left us. This teacher was only 58. One child had graduated from college and the other is half way through. She went on Sabbatical last year after 27 years of service. I believe she earned her wings and will be helping us from heaven. Sometimes we don’t understand how someone passing meets our needs. For her though, a tumor had cause internal cranial bleeding and a stroke. She could no longer speak and was in so much pain, she was on morphine her last days. God met her needs by bringing her back home, relieving of her pain and body. I know she is in the company of angels now.

Many people are now asking God for help and the Holy Spirit to guide them. Sometimes they get an idea and don’t know where it came from (That’s the way the Holy Spirit works).

In 1990, a woman got an idea for a book. That same year, her mother died from MS. This affected her writing. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and even contemplated suicide. At one time, she was also on welfare. She followed the guidance and today she is one of the most successful authors of all time and an inspiration to generations. We know her as J.K. Rowling and her books about Harry Potter based on her own life.

We never know when the Holy Spirit gives us a nudge or idea. We just have to be open to God and Spirit working in our life. Is there a book or idea that you have been given, a gift to explore, a passion to follow? Let God and the Holy Spirit be your guide and find that your needs are met, by letting Spirit work through you.

In conclusion: Over the coming weeks.
- Remember that there are two sides to a coin and even a dark cloud has a silver lining on the other side.
- Follow the words of Jesus as given to us by Matthew in chapter 7:
- Remember today’s scripture, read it, contemplate on it and pray on it.
- God meets our every need. Open your eyes to God’s work in your life.
God bless you.

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